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Isometric Block Swapping Game Level Editing Tool

Transpose is a puzzle game that requires the player to gauge their environment, determine the objective, and swap blocks in order to meet it.

The level designer on my team had very little experience working in Unity. To get around this limitation, I created a level building tool to simplify and speed up the asset placement process, removing the tedium of individually dragging and dropping blocks into the scene view. The LD need only select the type of block they wish to paint with from a panel on the left, select a brush size (or the fill tool), and click-and-drag in the scene view to place blocks. The blocks are loaded into the panel via a scriptable object that stores the prefabs. The LD is also able to delete placed blocks and even undo actions if they please.

The visible grid in the scene view serves as a guide; the level designer does not need to have it enabled to place down blocks, as blocks are only ever spawned at integer coordinates. The size and appearance of the grid is adjustable through a custom Unity editor.

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