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2D Fighting Game Prototype

Neck -N- Neck spawned from a simple question to my team: “Have you seen giraffes fight?” They couldn't imagine it and I couldn't let that stand. I show them with this video, and that was enough to get them on board for a giraffe fighting game.

We knew the main draw would be using the giraffe's head as a club, so control of the giraffe’s neck separately from the body was the primary goal. Getting it to look right was the challenge. 3D was the first inclination, allowing the player to determine their position on the Z-Axis, but we went with 2D because we felt it would contribute to a more comical tone.

For this Unity project, I created the game manager using the singleton pattern to record the player selection and round progress. I also worked on the character selection layout and functionality and implemented transition screen fades as well as impact camera shake.

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