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Project/Design Lead

High Noon Ricochet is an online multiplayer first-person western dueler with a twist; instead of firing at your opponent directly, take control of the bullet as you guide its ricochet path. The further you travel and the more objects you ricochet off of, the higher your end round score. Earn the highest score to win!


This is the first multiplayer game I've worked on, so working on the character controller for both the gunman and the shooter proved to be an interesting challenge. On the surface, both controllers are fairly simple; the gunman is a basic FPS controller with no locomotion, while the bullet has the addition of rotational constraints. What made developing High Noon Ricochet interesting, however, was handling how player inputs were communicated to the server. This was a learning experience in replication, to ensure data was being communicated both to the server and both clients appropriately.

Another feature I worked on was the transparency effect to allow the player to see through objects they had recently hit. This involved getting into the material editor and setting the appropriate parameters that I could access externally, and then a collision check to toggle opacity value as needed. This greatly improved the playability of the game, as it made aiming a much easier prospect.

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