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by Desert Beagle

Project Lead

Now available on Steam for free!

Malediction is a third-person puzzle/platformer that gives the player the ability to control space and time! Play as Morgan, an impulsive, yet curious, wizard whose experiments often get him into trouble. A cloning spell has backfired, allowing his duplicates to run off with most of his powers, and he must now chase them down and defeat them in order to regain his magic abilities. Players will manipulate their environment with telekinesis and time in order to solve obstacles put before them by the dastardly clones.

Desert Beagle is a team of 16 talented developers working together to make Malediction a reality. Although my role on the team was primarily project management, I contributed to the game design, level design, audio design, and did some feature implementation.


Game Design: I worked with the design lead to refine our game mechanics conceptually (e.g. coming up with the object-targeted time reversal) and for game feel (e.g. determining the range of our telekinesis abilities)

Level Design: Cooperating with the level designers, we came up with the puzzles in our game and the sequence of puzzles that best teach players our game's mechanics. I also got in-engine and set dress scenes.

Audio Design: I created the audio master list for the external audio engineer and worked the audio booth with our game's voice actors.

Implementation: To help out the tech team, I took on some smaller tasks. I used Unreal blueprints to create object spawners/rotators, and worked with the UMG designer to add keyboard functionality to the in-game menu.

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