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  • Jaime Tous

Refactoring an Undergrad Game

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I was going through my old Unity projects to clear up some disk space when I came across The Last Laser Master, a game I'd made for my second game design class in undergrad two years ago. This is a top-down stealth shooter that I was particularly proud of at the time. My programming skills were sad and my approach to software design was misguided (to put it kindly), but it's something I put together that could be considered a game rather than a tech demo.

Instead of deleting it in disgust-which was a tempting prospect-I decided it'd be a good exercise to bring it up to snuff. I'd see if I could apply what the programming design patterns I've learned between then and now and make it less embarrassing to look at. I'll be writing what I'm doing in a way that my past-self (or a future undergrad) can follow along and understand why I'm making the changes I'm making. As I go along, I'll update this blog entry to have chapters, so anybody going into this will have an idea of what they'll be getting into. So let's get on with it

1. Character Controller and Input Manager

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