Undergrad Capstone Project

Monstralia™ is currently in development, but a playable demo can be found here.

Through the Monstralia™ mobile game, young children, ages three to six, will learn about healthy habits when they take care of the baby monsters who live on the Island of Monstralia. The health concepts found in the game include what to eat, types of physical activities needed to take care of your body, how to take care of one another, and how each part of the body takes care of us.

St. Edward's University students worked with The HealthStart Foundation to make this project a reality. After a round of game pitches, five games were selected and we were split into two teams. I nominated as the lead of a team of five tasked with developing two of the games. During development, I learned how to deal with a client, how to implement playtest feedback, and the importance of creating asset standards to streamline pipelines.


Our team was so effective that we were not only given the last of the five games to develop, but I was also asked to help manage the sister team, which was lagging behind. In order to help them, I not only introduced them to the pipeline standardizations I had created for my team, but I organized their efforts with a prioritized Kanban board. By the end of the semester, all the games were ready for client review.

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