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2D Stealth Platformer Prototype

A 2D platformer with stealth elements. Our team chose to taken on a number of challenges when designing this game, including a random franchise (Lord of the Rings), random theme (Lovecraft), and random art style (hand drawn). The player takes on the role of Oblib Noodlebottom, attempting to not only evade the forces of Sauron, but eldritch horrors as well. The One True Ring can help evade the former, but the elder gods are not fooled by such magic; it makes Oblib even easier to find for them. The player must balance using the ring to avoid the orcs while not wearing it for too long to avoid being caught by tentacles off the left of the screen.

For this project, I integrated the Wwise API to handle the audio and make audio management a simpler process. I also used Unity's Cinemachine for camera shake on character hit, to track the character while maintaining the screen view withing specified bounds, and applying post-processing effects to create the scratchy appearance of old cartoons.

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