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Puzzle Platformer

Malediction is a third-person puzzle platformer that gives you the ability to control space and time! Play as Morgan, a wizard with more ambition than sense, whose experiments often get him into trouble. After an unfortunate accident with a cloning spell, his duplicates have run off with most of his powers. You must now chase them down and defeat them in order to help Morgan regain his magic abilities. Manipulate your environment with telekinesis and time in order to solve obstacles put before you by the dastardly clones. Available on Steam for free!


I've lived over half of my life in eight countries around the world. I've driven over 130 mph on the German autobahn, trekked through the jungles of Panama, handled snakes in Thailand, and played laser tag with Paraguayan special forces. I'm an Air Force veteran and student of history with a set of Roman centurion armor.

I enjoy all kinds of games experiences, from the adrenaline-pumping action of DOOM to the relaxing, idyllic farming of Stardew Valley. Grand strategy games, like Europa Universalis and Stellaris, are my favorite. They make me feel like Bob Ross working a canvas as I paint the map a single color.

When it comes to game development, I have experience in both project management and technical design and I enjoy both greatly. Project management is how I help others work better together so the whole team can create a project they're proud of. Technical design lets me get my hands dirty in-engine, creating prototypes and implementing gameplay features. If you're interested in my technical design projects, stay on this page. If you want to see my project management experience, click the link below.

I also have two beagles; a miniature khaki named Lily, and a full-size tri-color named Monty.

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